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make money

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I don’t know about you, but I love saving money in any way that I can. Whether it’s saving up points to get online gift cards, saving money with coupons while shopping in store, or even just getting money back on purchases I’m already going to make, I’m interested in it all. Money is one of those subjects that we all love, but also secretly hate. It’s so bitter sweet and in some cases, taboo. Below is where we are going to open up, settle down, and get comfortable talking about this. I’m going to share with you how I make extra money and save money online!


Ebates is a FREE rebates company that allows you to shop at places you are already going to shop at online, and get a percentage of that money back. They send out payments quarterly, or every three months via Paypal, or check by snail mail. I don’t use this as much because I’m not the biggest online shopper, but I have cashed out twice now, and all I had to do was shop at places I was already going to shop at! Also, you can make extra cash with Ebates by sharing it with friends and family. Every time you refer Ebates to someone, and they spend $25, you will get $25 and they will get an extra $10. Sign up here to get started.


Honey is a FREE website extension service, similar to Ebates, that not only feature rebates but also uses a software that when you are shopping online, it AUTOMATICALLY applies the best coupon code deal to your checkout menu when you download it. There are also money making capabilities with Honey, but are featured in the form of point or Honey Gold as they like to call it. After your friend or family member downloads Honey and recieves their Honey Gold, you will recieve 500 Honey Gold which equates to $5.

The only downside to Honey is that you can only refer it up to 200 people. So that is up to $1000 to be earned. 1000 Honey Gold ($10) can be redeemed through Honey to get gift cards at some of your favorite retailers!  Sign up HERE.


(A personal favorite) Quick Thoughts is a survey system that allows you to setup a free profile and fill out surveys and earn money. I have personally used Quick Thoughts and earned hundreds of dollars within the last couple of years. What I love most about Quick Thoughts is that you earn the money immediately. You have to earn a minimum of $10 before you can cash out, and you can only cash out in increments of $10. (For example, you cannot cash out $67, you would cash out $60 and still have a remaining $7 waiting in your account.)

The downside to QT, is that you sometimes will spend 3-4 minutes filling out questions only to find out you did not qualify, BUT they sometimes will still give you $0.10 for your time. There isn’t a referral program with this one, but you can sign up here.


Receipt Hog is a receipt based app (as I’m sure you were able to guess). With this app, you take pictures of your receipts and receive points based on the date and amount of money spent. With these points you can redeem them to get magazine subscriptions and gift cards (I always redeem for Amazon gift cards)! In addition to getting points from your receipts, you can also accrue spins! With each receipt you get tickets into their sweepstakes. When you spin the wheel you can get more points or even win other prizes! Sign up here.


Ibotta, like Receipt Hog, allows you to take pictures of receipts and earn points. In addition to that feature, you are also able to receive rebates on certain products that you purchase. Ibotta enables you to also make money by sharing their app. When you do, you and the person you shared the app with will benefit with cash bonuses. It also allows shopping through the app and earning points other ways. Ibotta also has a team network system. When you connect your account to facebook or add friends, you benefit from the work they do and get bonuses! With Ibotta you cannot cash out until you reach $20, but it’s pretty easy to get there! Sign up here!


Thrive Market is an online grocery space that focuses on all natural foods. Not only do they sell other brands, but they have their own brand of food as well. The best part about Thrive is that they have these healthier foods at a big discount. Though you do have to pay a yearly fee to access them, sometimes you can get a free membership. (They give out free memberships to low-income families, military, and other families in need). Not only will you save money and eat healthier, you can make money from sharing with your friends. For each person you refer who becomes a paid member, you’ll receive $25 and your friend will earn 25% off their first order. Sign up here.