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This post (Where I’ve Been | Huge Announcemet) contains affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase using the links I provide to you, I will receive a commission. It doesn’t affect the price you pay at all, it just supports this blog so that I can continue making content. All opinions are my own. Read more about my disclosure policy here. Wow! So I wanted to share this huge announcement and life update with you all because I definitely took a little hiatus (a couple months actually). This blog is still pretty new, and finding balance has been a tad bit of a struggle. Just the regular chaos of life can be a bit much, but once you add in all that I’ve been *pauses to find the right word* “dealing” with, then I’m sure you’ll understand! “So, what’s been up, and where have I been?” Those are the questions of the hour, huh? Well, the huge announcement is…I’m PREGNANT…WITH TWINS! There! It’s all hanging out, and boy does it feel good! So, yeah. We actually found out that I was expecting a few months back, and I’ve been really going through some changes – both physically…
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Saying Bye to My Babies

bye babies
September is usually one of my favorite months…like ever. I love the fall time, the fall weather. I love the beautiful colored leaves and the not-so-gruesome-warmy-coolness. But this September everything feels different. I had to say bye to my daughters. 12 days ago on the 14th, my world disappeared. Emory and Eden, my beautiful babies, passed away in mommy and daddy’s arms. It was the most horrendous experience that I’ve ever had to endure. I’m not sure that I’m even still processing anything. It was all so sudden. They had caught a cold, which then turned into a respiratory infection, and with their existing heart defects, they just couldn’t breathe. They were not breathing on their own at all. Eden had completely tired herself out, and my poor baby just had no more fight. On the other hand, Emory was still TRYING to hold on. There was one point where I was watching them, on 70% oxygen, and Emory would stop breathing for a couple seconds because she was just so tired. Then she would get back into it, breathing for her and her sister. She was breathing so hard, that when she was sucking for air (what actually seemed…
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C-section: My Classical Story

First and foremost, let me just start off by saying that if anyone ever says that women aren’t strong, they either have never met one, or they are just plain cruel. And of course they’ve met one, so let’s assume it’s the latter. As I’ve said many times before, being pregnant is hard, but actually giving birth, that’s a completely different monster! No matter if it’s a vaginal delivery or a cesarean section (c-section), it’s always emotional, serious, and important. I can never understand how one mother can give another mother flack based on the way their baby was delivered. It’s just not right to me. C-section mamas already feel like they were basically robbed of the bonding and labor that traditional vaginal delivery mamas get to experience and there is no sense of someone else giving them a hard time on top of it. But, that’s another blog post for another time. ANYWAYS, I had a c-section, and like ANYONE who undergoes that procedure, I was beyond terrified. Actually, terrified doesn’t even begin to describe the type of fear that resonated inside my bones while I was on that table being wheeled to my demise. I really thought I…
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Bad News | How I’m Coping

bad news
Undergoing any type of test can be unbearable sometimes. Not only are you in a situation, but now you have to be tested on it. No matter if it’s a test for education or a medical test. You walk in, and you take the exam, and then it takes what feels like 2 centuries and an additional lifetime for them to come back with your results. It’s perfectly normal, we all get nervous. So in that moment, you know…the moment the doctor walks in and you poke out your chest and pretend you haven’t just spent an hour praying and begging the Lord to work his magic, it can be ultimately relieving to receive that good news. In that moment, it feels like a huge weight is lifted off of your chest. You can now breathe. Inhale. Exhale. You haven’t fainted. You can now swallow without it feeling like you just chewed on a bowl of cactuses. So, what about if you don’t get the good news? What happens when you get the bad news? The doctor walks in and starts off with “Unfortunately…” or “This may be hard to accept, but…” What the hell will you do then? Sure,…
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Pregnant: 32 Weeks Update

8 months pregnant, that’s how far along I am as of today. I’m really glad it’s almost over but then again I’m going to miss it. Today, the doctor confirmed that I would need to undergo a Cesarean section. And guys, let me tell you – I am terrified. My C-section will be a classical one, which means that my cut will be both vertical on the outside and on the inside along my uterus. Unfortunately this makes me at a higher risk for uterine ruptures afterwards and because of this, I have been advised that if I wanted to have more children, that a vaginal birth is out of the question. The news of that did sadden and frighten me at first, but now that I really think about it, I don’t have a choice, and what good would sitting around feeling sorry for myself do? The Lord has given me everything that I need in Him, and as long as I continue to truly believe that, He will not let me down. In addition to the planned C-section procedure dilemma, I have a confession. I’m TERRIFIED of drugs. Medicines and me do not mix well, at all. I…
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The Day I Found Out I Was Pregnant With Conjoined Twins

Pregnancy. Oh the bliss, and many woes, of being pregnant. Everyone experiences this beautiful journey a different way, but this is a taste of what I have experienced with mine. When I initially found out I was pregnant, I was about 7-8 weeks and it was actually on the day that I was flying to South Korea. Xavier, my husband, and I had gotten stationed overseas, and lo and behold, I found out I was pregnant the day I was flying there. The pregnancy was definitely not something that we had planned. We had only been married for a little over two months. I can’t speak for Xavier, but I was terrified. 20 years old, a newly-wed, no family around at all, and there I was, growing another human inside me. Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy is difficult in and of itself and that’s WITH family and friend’s support, so being overseas was really hard on me. I dealt with it as easily as I possibly could, but I won’t lie, it was horrible. How in the world can you have morning sickness every day, after not eating or drinking ANYTHING for months and months? That was the question that ran…
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