5 Easy Ways To Make Your Small Apartment Look Larger

5 Easy Ways to Make You Small Apartment/House Feel Larger
We are all pretty much magicians at this point! Living lux on a budget, making spaces feel larger, and rocking it out at this thing called adulting!  I’m really surprised at how we’re all still sane! Haha. At any rate, if you haven’t quite figured out the making spaces feel larger part, don’t panic, here’s a guide on 5 Easy ways to make your small apartment feel larger! It’s safe to say that we all love a spacious, larger feeling living area. No matter if you’re into warm + cozy, or miminalism + modern, no one likes small-“feeling” or cluttered spaces! A nice chunk of America is actually middle class – about 49.9%. This means they make anywhere from about $42,000 to $125,000. Monthly, we are talking about $3,500 to just under $10,500. That’s a really nice chunk of change! And I’ll be completely transparent, I haven’t quite made it into middle class yet. Hence, for those of us that are scraping by, or for those of you that just may have a smaller bathroom or whatever, and still want that airy, bright vibe don’t be discouraged. We just have to be a little more creative and finesse a little…
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5 Cheap Ways To Decorate Your Front Door (NO WREATHS)

front door decor
If you’re anything like me, then you want to have a beautiful home. You want it to be chic, luxurious, and cozy. You also want it to be affordable. That’s one of the most important pieces (for me, anyway). So, when it comes to home decor, I like to keep the prices low and the projects easy. When I was trying to decide how to do my own front door, I figured I could share some ideas with all of you. It may sound a little silly to say, but your front door aesthetics are important when it comes to home decor. I’m not saying it’s a big deal and that you should start stressing out if your door isn’t decorated. I’m merely saying that if you care about the look and feel of your home, then the front door is important. Your front door is like the outfit you wear to an interview for a job. It creates a first impression to the people seeing it. Is your door plain white? Goth and dark? Gingerbread house? Whatever your style may be, when people walk up to your house, they feel something. If you’re looking to create a sense of…
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