5 Steps to Feeling Confident

5 Steps to Feeling Confident

You don’t have to hit google up to know that plenty of people aren’t confident. We’re drowning in self-doubt and insecurities in a social media world where everything is Facetuned to perfection. I get it. I’m obviously not the poster child for confidence and beauty, but I do know a thing or two about trying to gain confidence. After gaining weight from pregnancy and dealing with depression, I developed a mindset of feeling unattractive and therefore attracting more experiences to support that theory. What I mean is, I was the embodiment of low self-esteem. I dressed in sweat pants and t-shirts, refusing to assert myself in places where I would have. I was unhappy. There are plenty of people that feel the way I did, and I’m here to share with you 5 steps to feeling confident.

The issue for most of us, is that we believe that confidence is reserved for perfection. Which is totally wrong.

We think that we will be more confident if we just lost 30 pounds, wore better clothes, and made new friends. Confidence happens on the inside.Β  Your clothes, hair, weight, and money have NOTHING to do with confidence. In order to experience this, there are certain thoughts, actions, and experiences that you can have that can attract confidence to you.

5 Steps to Feeling Confident | Step 1 – Positive affirmations

Some of us have gotten so comfortable with talking down to ourselves that we don’t even recognize when we do it anymore. Have you ever had a friend that always makes fun of herself? This friend probably doesn’t even notice it anymore. In order for her to truly gain confidence she has to realize the things that she is saying about herself. Every time you catch yourself saying something negative, say two to three things to drown it out! For example, if you are always saying things like, “Ugh, my hair is so damaged”, say “Woah, I have the best bangs and my skin is so clear”. Positive affirmations can improve your confidence in an instant because you feel more in control of your feelings by redirecting them.

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5 Steps to Feeling Confident | Step 2 – Stop Comparing

Comparing and contrasting is useful for everything except whether your teeth are as straight as hers. There is only one you for a reason! Stop obsessing over who has what and focus on what you have! Put more time into appreciating your own journey, instead of calculating how far someone else has come. When you do, your confidence will skyrocket. When I compare myself to other people, they always win the imaginary contest in my mind. I’m LOOKING for ways to confirm how much better they are than me. So, take a deep breath and stay in your own lane!

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5 Steps to Feeling Confident | Step 3 – Take Care Of Yourself

Whenever I sit in the house all day long in my PJ’s and my hair in my bonnet, I feel like I’m not being as productive as I can be. This in turn makes me feel even worse. Get enough sleep, eat a great breakfast, take a nice hot shower, and put on clothes that make you FEEL incredible. Notice I didn’t say that LOOK amazing…because to be honest, trends change, and sometimes looks are not as comfortable.

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5 steps to feeling confident

5 Steps to Feeling Confident | Step 5 – Take Yourself On a Date

This is by far my favorite step of all. You know when you first meet someone that you really like and you can’t stop feeling all giddy? You put so much energy into trying to impress them. Use that same fire towards yourself. Spend hours on your hair getting it just right, wear that gorgeous sequin top you love, and take yourself out for lunch. Spend time just getting to know what you like and don’t like. See most of the time that we compare ourselves to others is because we think they are awesome. Get to know how awesome you are!

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As someone who has dealt with low self-esteem and depression, these are some tips that genuinely improved the relationship I had with myself. And I hope that this allows you to see how incredible you are!

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